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Video Marketing For Your Practice


Video creation to market a business, product or concept has never been more important. Social media & Digital marketing are the essential tools for the 21st Century entrepreneur and it’s essential to place yourself within that video.


Here’s a snippet of the main elements that we will be covering:

  1. Why video marketing?
  2. What are your key messages?
  3. How video marketing works
  4. Changing consumer behaviour
  5. How video marketing impacts the sales process
  6. How to implement and execute video marketing
  7. Goals and objectives of video marketing


High impact presentations and effective online video can make all the difference when it comes to winning new clients, making sales and retaining existing customers. Our aim is to ensure that you present the perfect elevator pitch with a high impact call to action.

Learning how to appear confident, natural, believable and trustworthy while communicating effectively has never been more important.


Presented By TV Training Australia & Allied Health Marketing

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