Allied Health Virtual Conference | 19 SEPT | Using Sensory Input To Change How You Feel: Using Sensory Modulation in Practice | Allied Health Virtual Conference
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19 SEPT | Using Sensory Input To Change How You Feel: Using Sensory Modulation in Practice


Date: Wednesday, 19th September 2018.

Time: 10.30am (AEST)

Duration: approx 90mins


What topics will we cover? 

Sensory modulation is a treatment modality that uses sensory input (including sight, sound, taste, smell, touch and movement) to change how a person feels. It is easy to use and effective for all people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and health issues because it is safe, appropriate, individualised and meaningful to the individual. This 90 minute webinar will explain what sensory modulation is, why it works and how it can be used effectively to change feelings, reduce stress and enhance functioning. To help consolidate understanding, the application of sensory modulation to manage anxiety and improve sleep will be explored in detail. Additional resources for further learning will also be identified.


Carolyn Fitzgibbon  

Carolyn is currently working in private practice, specialising in mental health. She is a Director and DBT Clinician at DBT Brisbane and incorporates Sensory Modulation into her client work to assist clients with anxiety, depression, self-harming and dissociation. She has over 20 years experience in public, private and non-government organisations in inpatient and community Mental Health settings. Carolyn enjoys consulting on indoor and outdoor sensory and safe spaces and has been involved with projects to get spinning and swinging equipment into schools playgrounds.  She would like swings for adults to be built in Brisbane so that there are more opportunities for this soothing activity!




Julie O’Sullivan

Julie has worked in adult mental health for 20 years in clinical, education, management, supervision and service development roles. With experience in a range of work sectors, Julie delivers recovery oriented and sensory informed approaches to people with a variety of mental health and functional needs.  She has expertise in the implementation of sensory modulation including the development of work guidelines and plans, writing and delivering education and training, and supporting and evaluating the delivery of key sensory initiatives. Julie utilises a range of treatment modalities including sensory modulation, to help people find practical and effective ways to improve their well-being and create a meaningful life.  In 2018, Julie and Carolyn Fitzgibbon co-authored the “Sensory Modulation” Resource Manual.

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