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We’re excited to bring you the very first Allied Health Virtual Conference!

In an ever changing political and social environment, health practitioners move around and embark upon new challenges – whether clinical or non-clinical.  Our aim is to provide Allied Health professionals, from all professional backgrounds with a variety of new skills and knowledge.

Select the Conference you would like to attend below and fill out the registration form. You will then receive a confirmation email from our team with additional information during the lead up to the virtual event.

Progressing Your Private Practice is aiming at 5-6 years + and how to progress and grow the practice.  How to understand who your audience is and how to address their needs clinically, with gold-standard evidence based care, whilst still maintaining an effective and efficient business model.

Speaker Overview

Dr. Jenny Brockis – Keynote Speaker | Author| Mentor


Too often the workplace malaise of high stress, silo thinking, overwhelm and mental fatigue is limiting capability that translates into high staff turnover and high rates of absenteeism and presenteeism that costs the individual, business and economy dearly.

It’s time to press pause and give our brains the attention they deserve.

Her mission – should you choose to accept, is to empower your team to create their own high-performance brains, brains that can adapt and change to enjoy sharper thinking, greater mental flexibility and agility to thrive in the place we call work.

Chris McCarroll – Allied Health Marketing 

  1. Advertising your practice – Digital vs Traditional
  2. How to leverage social media to grow your practice
  3. Lead generation – Build your database
  4. Become the expert

Sarena Jones – Allied Health Support Services 

Overview coming soon!

Petra Zink – ImpaCCCt

Personal Branding

Overview coming soon!

Karina Follent – Pro-Assist 

Practice Automation

Overview coming soon!

Vanessa Emillio – Legal123 

  1. Testimonials and reviews: what you need to know
  2. Affiliate marketing: what is this and how can your business benefit? Offering affiliate services to grow your business and gives you the opportunity to offer additional complimentary services
  3. Getting Found: How to work Google Local so people can find you
  4. Taking on partners or investors: what do you need to do to set your business up, are your assets in one entity; can you show ownership of assets

Grant Bloxhan – Q4 Financial 

Transitioning from “Personal” to “Practice” Goodwill.

  1. Valuing an Allied Health Practice
  2. What is your Business Value Gap?
  3. Creating and growing “Practice” Goodwill
  4. Systems – Why are they so important?
  5. What numbers are you tracking in your business?
  6. Are you developing a Great Team?
  7. Do you have a management and ownership succession plan?

Cathy Love – Nacre Consulting

Business Planning

Overview coming soon!

Clare Wilding – Knowledge Moves

How to embed research into your practice

Overview coming soon!