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New in Business? This is for you!

Developing Your Private Practice is aiming at setting up your practice, your attitude and your strategy.  Think the first 5 years or so, in business and all that encompasses.

Chris from Allied Health Marketing has some quick tips for you to think about when you are just starting out!


Get busy! Start to build your brand

Once you have decided to take the leap and start your own business, it is very important to make as much noise as possible. Think about your ideal client, and target your communications to them.


Develop your Brand and Logo

Although a logo is not everything, you need to have a professional look and feel for your business (even if you are only renting space in an existing clinic). It is a great opportunity for you to start building some brand recognition with your clients.


Get in front of the camera

Let your potential clients know who they will be talking to. Video allows them to see and hear you, before they make the decision to book. Let them know your story, what you are passionate about and why you decided to become a physio. Learning how to speak and present on camera will set you apart from the others who might not look as professional.


Let people connect with you

Respond to comments on social media and emails. It might seem like you are constantly answering the same questions, but remember, a potential client might be watching your social media for months before deciding to engage. Don’t let them down by letting their question or message go unanswered.


Give potential clients some reasons to follow you

Explanation videos or images are a great way to keep your followers engaged and interested. It shows that you are an authority in the area, and that you can in fact, help them with their problem.


Build systems to stay connected

Automation in private practice is key to success. How you stay in touch with your clients and potential clients will make a huge difference in your growth. If you have the resources, the following are great ways to keep in touch;

  • SMS/email reminders for appointments
  • Birthday emails
  • Review dates
  • Articles they might find useful (manage your database to include some of the conditions/issues your clients have so you can communicate useful information to them)
  • Email when you haven’t seen them in a while – just to touch base and follow up on how they are feeling


Create content

Before you start writing any content for your site, please take some time to generate your target market and buyer personas. This process will clearly outline who you are talking to and what messages and content you should be delivering to them. You can read more about target markets here



A marketing 101! Get out and support some local businesses that are aligned with your target market. If you are a physio, chiro or remedial massage therapist, sports teams are a great source for clients and referrals.


Build Allied Health relationships

Connect with local allied health providers and simply ask them what they do and what their interests are. Talk about research and new trends, and you just might find some referrals coming your way. It is more important than ever to have a strong referral base. This goes both ways – If you think that your client can benefit from working with a complimentary health professional, refer them on. It is all about the client after all!


Have fun

There is so much to digest when you run your own business. Remember, take it one step at a time and plan your marketing activities well in advance to give you the time to execute it 100%. If you feel you could benefit from a solid and creative marketing strategy for your business, please feel free to get in touch – it’s what we do best!

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